Welcome to CrossFit Spangdahlem

Where SABERs are FORGED!

CrossFit Spangdahlem is not endorsed by the Department of Defense nor is it affiliated with the United States Air Force.  However, our forward thinking leadership acknowledges the value of CrossFit methodology.  In turn, our goal is to ensure CrossFit is presented to the Spangdahlem community with safety, efficacy, and real progress. Our ultimate goal is to make this community stronger, faster, “generally more useful and harder to kill.”

CrossFit is more than just an effective way to workout and get in shape. It is a way of living life to be your best. This includes training your body mentally and physically, as well as eating appropriately to sustain an active lifestyle. The founder of CrossFit, Greg Glassman, used this definition to define CrossFit: “CrossFit is an effective fitness program consisting of constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity”.  


LVL 1 Head Coach, CrossFit Spangdahlem Military Affiliate Manager
Mario Martinez

Lvl 2 Coach
Chris Funderburgh

Heather Alton
Michele Tempel

Rustin Alton
Luiz  Cavalcante

All trainers at a CrossFit affiliate must hold a CrossFit Level One Certificate. Apprentice (non-L1) trainers may work under the direct supervision of a L1 trainer prior to obtaining their L1 ceriticate.

Monday-Friday 0500-2200
Saturday  0900-1700
Sunday, Down days & Holidays CLOSED

Monday-Friday - 0830 FUNdamentals: Heather Alton
Monday-Friday - 1100: Mario Martinez/Michelle Tempel
Monday-Friday - 1700: Chris Funderburgh/ Luiz Cavalcante  

All classes are open to all levels of athletes. CrossFit can be modified for any skill level. Most classes last about an hour. Please arrive 10-15 min early, so that you have enough time to properly warm up.  Don't hesitate to ask any of our great trainers if you have any questions at all!